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 Beveridge Editorial Services

Terms and conditions

As an Advanced Professional Member of the UK Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP), I abide by the SfEP Code of Practice. Full terms and conditions are outlined in my standard contract, which I ask all clients to sign. In summary, they outline what you can expect from me, and what I expect from you. For example:


I will

•Clearly define the terms of each job in writing before editing work is begun

•Only accept jobs that I believe I can carry out to an acceptable standard, and will inform you immediately if I find that this will be difficult

•Ensure that the terms of a job are clearly set out, preferably in writing, before work is begun

•Keep confidential information and data confidential

•Make my self-employed status known to clients, and take responsibility for my business regarding tax and other obligations


What I expect from you

•Prompt payment of the final invoice (and deposit if applicable) within a specified time, agreed in advance (interest and compensation will be charged in the event of late payment)

•The customer bears ultimate responsibility for matters relating to: libel, obscenity, blasphemy and incitement to racial hatred; plagiarism and the reproduction of copyright material; the accuracy of referencing, quotes, dates and statements written as facts