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Academic editing

I specialise in medicine and the life sciences, and my academic editing service can help you express your ideas and results in the best possible way.


With 9 years' experience working with students and academics, I understand the importance of communicating data clearly and that deadlines can be tight.

Non-specialist editing

Perhaps you are applying for a job and need a cover letter and CV editing service, are preparing a formal document for a club or society, or are writing text for a website. Email, or fill in our online form, to find out how I can help and to get a free quote.

Editing services


Editing services and pricing

Many people think they want their document proofread, when what they really want is copyediting. My copyediting service involves checking that grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct, while ensuring that the work makes sense. Proofreading looks for minor errors in the final version of a document that has been copyedited.




We all benefit from having a fresh pair of eyes look at our work from time to time, and computer spelling/grammar checking functions can only do so much. This is especially true when scientific or technical language is being used. I offer a range of specialist academic and non-specialist proofreading and copyediting services that can be tailored to your needs.