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 Beveridge Editorial Services

Proofreading is the process of checking the final version of a document to ensure that there are no spelling, punctuation or grammar errors. This service is only appropriate if you are a fluent native English speaker.





This involves checking that grammar, punctuation and spelling are correct, while also ensuring that the work makes sense, and is appropriate for its intended audience. I will make sure that the writing is consistent (e.g. that the same abbreviations, and US or UK English, are used throughout), and check that the language has been pitched at the right level. I will also deal with any awkward non-standard English phrasing. If sentences are too long or short I will adjust their length so that they read more smoothly. I will also ensure that the structure of the document is logical and check whether anything is missing or redundant. If you are a non-native English speaker, you will require this service.



For a Masters or PhD/DPhil thesis/dissertation, a £100 deposit is payable before editing is begun.


Editing services and pricing

Many people think that what they need is proofreading. In reality though, what they actually want tends to be a copyediting service. See below for descriptions of the two. For advice or a quote, contact me.