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Academic editing


Beveridge Editorial Services specialises in medicine and the life sciences, but I also have experience of other areas, such as business, marketing and Earth sciences. I can help you present your ideas and results in the best way, whether it is a research paper or review, grant application, conference poster or presentation, essay, dissertation or thesis. My copyediting service will correct spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes, while ensuring that the text can be easily read by the intended audience. The process also tries to prevent any embarrassing errors of fact, may adjust paragraph and sentence length, and identifies any terms or abbreviations that need explaining. The whole document is checked for consistency. All copyediting is done in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, and changes are tracked so that you can check them. If I need to query anything in the text I will do so using the ‘comment’ function. Proofreading can be done on PDFs if required. Look at 'Editing services and pricing' for further information.


Please note that the building of the index and table of contents is not included. I do not compile reference lists or check them for accuracy, but will flag up any entries that are inconsistently formatted.


If your document is a Masters or PhD/DPhil thesis or dissertation, I ask that a deposit of £100 be paid in advance of work starting. The deposit amount is deducted from the final invoice when work is completed.


Return times are agreed in advance of work being begun (detailed information can be found in our FAQs section). Please note that longer documents (i.e. 30,000 words or more) are likely to have a return time of up to 5 working days. At busy times, such as May-June and August-October, you are strongly advised to book your edit in as early as possible.




Areas of Experience


•Cognitive Science


•Environmental Science


•Cancer Biology

•Cell Biology

•Clinical Medicine

•Developmental Biology




•History of Science/Medicine


•Earth sciences


•Molecular Biology

•Molecular Medicine






•Plant Biology











"Professional DPhil thesis editing service with great attention to correct format and style, delivered in a timely manner. Helpful comments were included in the efficient and precise edit, ensuring that the scientific message remained intact. A million thanks for the excellent work.”

Dr Anna Grawenda, University of Oxford